The America Dog and Cat Hotel offers the following services:

Short and Long-Term BoardingShort and Long-Term Boarding

Dog DaycareDay Care

Dog DaycareGrooming available By Appointment

Over Night Boarding
Dogs in residence for both long and short term boarding enjoy the option of spending days in group play time or relaxing in their private suites. In the evening, dogs retire to their private suites and are fed their dinners according to their owner's instructions.

Same-family dogs and cats are able to lodge in the same suite which helps to alleviate any loneliness which might occur in the evenings.

Day Care
Our Facility boasts 24 hour supervision so that you can be assured your pet is safe and well taken care of at all times while you are away.

Our daycare service is designed to provide all pets with the love and attention they need while you are away from home during the day. Dogs are naturally pack animals making the play group environment a natural way for your dog to socialize with fellow canines. Our highly qualified staff of play pals supervises group play time; throwing balls, petting, offering the occasional treat (only if previously authorized by the owner of course) and lounging on our play pen couches with the dogs. It is their duty to ensure that every dog has a positive experience at America Dog and Cat Hotel.

Dogs that are not inclined to participate in group play time are able to spend the day in one of our suites, with the regular company of one of our play pals.

What a day at the hotel is like for our guests.

Short and Long-Term BoardingRoom service begins at 5:30

Short and Long-Term BoardingAfter breakfast they go to our indoor play-park where they spend the day playing with all of their friends.

Short and Long-Term BoardingTreat time

Short and Long-Term BoardingIf the customer wants we can put them back into their suite for lunch or just a nap.

Short and Long-Term BoardingAfter playtime they will return to their suite for dinner.

Short and Long-Term BoardingAfter dinner they will be returned to grass area so that they can get some one on one attention with our play-pals, playing being brushed or just loved.

Short and Long-Term BoardingThey will then be back into their suite for a restful, well needed evening of sleep.


Private Luxurious Dog & Cat Suites
"No Cage" Overnight Long-Term Lodging/Boarding
Friendly & Fun day care